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The evolution of Push-to-Talk

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Push-to-Talk is the radio’s success story. Its unique feature empowers colleagues to connect in just a press of a button and enables them to collaborate with maximum efficiency no matter their location. The latest wave of broadband Push-to-Talk pushes boundaries to provide the same critical functionality but with access to both site-specific Wi-Fi and the commercial cellular networks.

PoC Solutions can connect radio systems and smart mobile telephones for superior flexibility and range.

Push-to-Talk uses the convenience of Wi-Fi and cellular while removing the stress of setting up a phone call in situations when every second counts. There is no need for the recipient to press the answering button and a PTT call allows them to hear the in-coming voice right away. The call comes through the PTT device’s speaker or an accessory in a hands-free, eyes-free manner, without any additional action.

This functionality is familiar to generations of radio users and is now set to reach a whole new audience. PTT gives a hands-free experience essential for many of today’s demanding industries.

Broadband Push to Talk with flexible connectivity to Wi-Fi & Cellular
PoC with flexible connectivity using Wi-Fi and cellular networks with unified connectivity to other technology including Two-way Radios

Solutions for efficient collaboration

Utilise any device

It's become common these days for personnel to work remotely from each other, some workforces are even globally dispersed. It is our aim to deliver unified communication solutions to empower them to work as one team in the most efficient and productive manner.

To benefit you further, Broadband PTT can be used on a wide range of devices including tablets and standard or ruggedised smartphones (with a dedicated PTT button). Users of broadband PTT experience instant connections, high voice quality, advanced features, multimedia applications integrated on the same device, and nationwide cellular network coverage.

Our solutions bring together all devices regardless of network or carrier to eliminate the need for you to buy or manage several technologies.

Experience limitless

possibilities with Push-to-Talk

We’re committed to connect and unite your entire workforce regardless of their location with superior reliability.

Our cutting edge unified communications solutions empower personnel to work as one team in the most efficient and productive manner and bring together all devices regardless of network or carrier to eliminate the need for you to buy or manage several technologies.

It's the ultimate connection enabling your two-way radios, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, landline as well as your video security with artificial intelligence to work together across your physical and virtual network.

Explore some of the innovative features that Motorola Solutions Wave PTX Push-to-talk (PTT) communications have to offer. Contact us for our comprehensive list.

Push to Talk PTX Features

  • Motorola WAVE PTX is an all in one Push-To-Talk solution.
  • Site-wide to world-wide communications.
  • Connect two-way radio, desktop PC and smartphone users.
  • Push text, video, audio, photos and files to individuals or groups.
  • Real-time video calls.
  • Multimedia sharing.
  • Location tracking.
  • Emergency mode with panic button.
  • Web based dispatching.
  • GPS location tracking and history.
  • Geofencing.
  • Emergency management features.

Bring your own device

Turn your smartphone into a broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) handset with the WAVE PTX Mobile Application and get instant communication anywhere you have broadband service

Wave PTT Mobile App is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

We’ve too many features to include here, so we recommend that you Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Here are several examples of ways we can enhance your system, but in reality, the possibilities are limitless. You tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

  • Connect your two-way radio system into WAVE PTX and extend talkgroups so that everyone can be part of the conversation, regardless of the device they carry or network they are using.
  • Asset checking in and checking out control.
  • Bespoke automation control for gates, barriers & ventilation etc.
  • Custom job ticketing designed specifically for your operations.
  • Integration with fire and alarm systems for alerting and control.
  • Connectivity with video security systems to alert key personnel.
  • Secure Unified connectivity with other technologies.
  • Machine control, monitoring & alerting using dedicated devices.
Experience limitless connectivity possibilities with Wave PTT Push-to-Talk from Motorola Solutions

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