Committed to Sustainability

At the heart of every Servicom solution is a shared drive to create sustainable connections.

As a business we’re committed to sustainable practices, procedures and planning to protect the environment and the future of our planet.

These ways of working are an integral part of the technological advances we are known for.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which we are continuously working to reduce our environmental impact, from paperless communication to sourcing ethical suppliers.


Environmental Statement

We place a high degree of focus and resource on maintaining a low environmental impact and apply sustainable ways of working across all aspects of our business.

Sustainable Ways of Working

Ethically sourced green couriers

Most of our UK distribution is carried out by DHL. Their climate-neutral logistics solutions deliver an exceptional environmentally ethical service for us and our clients.

  • Carbon neutral buildings
  • Vehicles powered by sustainable fuels (green line-haul)
  • Emissions transparency, allowing us to see the environmental impact of our shipments.

Reuse of packing materials

Where possible we reuse packaging from delivered items rather than buy new. Reused packaging includes, but is not limited to, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and protective paper.

Electric / Low Emission Vehicles

Our company vehicles
Hybrid vehicles
Eco-friendly, low emission vehicles

Where possible, we choose Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Once a vehicle reaches its planned business usage (i.e. miles and age), we look to source a low-emission replacement.


LED Lighting

We have installed 100% LED lighting across our Head Office building, workshop, and stores area.

Paper Free (where possible)

Several years ago, we took the decision to become paper free, or as paper free as possible. We’re proud to say this has been actioned successfully with non-paper options being utilised widely across the business.

ISO 14001

We are currently considering becoming ISO 14001 accredited. We believe our business currently meets the requirements to achieve successful certification.

European Office

Opening a European Office would reduce the need to deliver packages between the UK and EMEA, allowing us to ship directly from EMEA distributors and saving thousands of travel miles per year. We are considering options to achieve this.

Our Environmental Commitments

As part of our continual improvement commitments across the business in line with our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Achieve ISO 14001:2015 by year end 2024.
  • Bring environmental and sustainability to the forefront of the business by ensuring business decisions, policies, procedures and plan incorporate sustainability.
  • Completing an annual Environmental Impact Assessment, displaying it in public business areas, on the website, and allow access to this upon request from customers, suppliers and third parties.
  • Continually review environmental and sustainability issues, making improvements where possible.

For more information on our environmental and sustainability processes, procedures and plans, please contact our Compliance team who will be happy to answer your questions.