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Our greatest strength is to go beyond voice, to be by your side every step of the way, and to empower you to embrace every future opportunity.

We’re proud to have been a part of our clients’ success stories since 1989. Our heritage and values have been felt across the globe and supported most sectors. Putting our clients at the heart of every project and understanding their unique needs, our experts have planned, designed, and integrated world-class communications systems to keep them on track of budgets and timescales.

We are fully committed to explore solutions, immerse ourselves in industry knowledge and to continually introduce advancements to meet society’s growing demands. As such we are proud to offer you a combination of mobile radio and dispatcher solutions with cutting edge data systems to include interoperability gateways and AI enhanced video security.

Products from Motorola Solutions, Zetron, TRBOnet, Avigilon and Hytera

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Unified communications solutions with built-in scalability and intelligence designed to serve you.

Unified and flexible Business Critical Two-way Communications
Experience the power of flexible solutions

Customised systems

with built-in scalability

The multiplicity of our digital radio systems means that we will always deliver the optimum unified communications solution.

As trusted distributors of today’s leading manufacturers, we are proud to offer superior Digital Mobile Radio systems to exceed your expectations. Expect to maximise your capacity, reduce costs, elevate your control, and inject flawless scalability into your communications.

What sets our solutions apart is the value-added applications. With such a range you can be assured that the unique system our engineers design for you will be the most cost-effective. We can provide a straightforward Man Down alarm and asset tracking to complex command centre software.

Uniting workforces without boundaries

Unparalleled Communications

across your entire organisation

It's become common these days for personnel to work remotely from each other, some workforces are even globally dispersed. It is our aim to deliver unified communication solutions to empower them to work as one team in the most efficient and productive manner.

Our solutions bring together all devices regardless of network or carrier to eliminate the need for you to buy or manage several technologies.

Experience the ultimate connection enabling your two-way radios, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, landline as well as your video security with artificial intelligence to work together across your physical and virtual network.

Experience the ultimate connection with unified Two-way Communications
Accredited supplier of Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO, Zetron, TRBOnet, Avigilon and Hytera two-way radio products

What We Provide

We strive to put our clients and their unique needs at the core of every project. We make it our mission to build the strongest working relationships, provide the personal touch and go beyond expectations.

Video Security Solutions including Artificial Intelligence
Keeping people and assets safe

Intelligent systems designed to

focus on efficiency and safety

We are committed to embrace every technological advancement to continually deliver optimum mission critical ecosystems. The digital security market is no stranger to change and improvements and we are proud to offer leading solutions to address today’s security challenges. Combining the power of digital voice and multimedia communications with Artificial Intelligence provided by video security is set to revolutionise your operations.

Not only will our solutions empower your personnel to react quickly and efficiently, but they will have the ability to analyse and predict situations and stop incidents in their tracks before they escalate.

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Real life stories bringing our communications solutions to life. Here we showcase what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and the benefits our products and services deliver.

Eliminate disruptions, increase employee accountability,
and achieve complete traceability.

CiCO, Check In and Check Out solution is the latest in the line of innovation developed by Servicom’s in-house team to help organisations work smarter, not harder. The CiCO system can be adapted for virtually any sector.