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Customised radio systems

with built-in scalability

As trusted distributors of today’s leading manufacturers, we are proud to offer superior Digital Mobile Radio systems to exceed your expectations. Expect to maximise your capacity, reduce costs, elevate your control, and inject flawless scalability into your communications.

What sets our solutions apart is the value-added applications. With such a range you can be assured that the unique system our engineers design for you will be the most cost-effective. We can provide a straightforward Man Down alarm and asset tracking to complex command centre software and solutions such as radio and asset checking in and checking out control.

For added flexibility and cost-effectiveness, you can benefit from our fully managed radio system service, short and long-term hire availability, migration management, repair services, training, continual system monitoring and more.

Business Critical Two-way Radio Systems using DMR & MOTOTRBO from Motorola Solutions
Accredited supplier of Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO, Zetron, TRBOnet, Avigilon and Hytera two-way radio products
DMR and MOTOTRBO Two-way Radios Systems with complete flexibility using high-quality products supplied by Motorola Solutions

Digital Mobile Radios (DMR)

and Motorola MOTOTRBO

DMR has been globally adopted by users and manufactures alike and is set to be the future proof protocol of choice for professional two-way radio. Users enjoy fuss-free real time voice and data communications, scalability, interoperability, additional capacity, and innovative features.

Motorola Solutions, with their MOTOTRBO, have developed a parallel offering of DMR devices and technology. They are the most successful manufacturer in DMR, contributing in excess of 15 million users. MOTOTRBO uses the Over the Air Protocol specified by ETSI fitting two time slots in to 12.5 KHz. However, MOTOTRBO is different from the three tiers of ETSI DMR standards as they have extended the features and services. It also provides some compatibility with DMR Tier III.

Another huge advantage of having MOTOTRBO DMR is the availability of Applications. MOTOTRBO has the largest catalogue of value-added applications available ranging from simple Man Down alarm forwarding to complex Command and Control Centre Dispatchers.

We will always deliver

the optimum unified communications solution

It's become common these days for personnel to work remotely from each other, some workforces are even globally dispersed. It is our aim to deliver unified communication solutions to empower them to work as one team in the most efficient and productive manner.

Our solutions bring together all devices regardless of network or carrier to eliminate the need for you to buy or manage several technologies.

Experience the ultimate connection enabling your two-way radios, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, landline as well as your video security with artificial intelligence to work together across your physical and virtual network.

Explore some of the innovative features that digital communications have to offer.

Voice and Data Features

  • Super fast call setup with digital voice quality.
  • One to one (private calling).
  • One to many (group calls).
  • All calls are encrypted for privacy.
  • Background noise reduction to ensure clearer voice calls.
  • Radio location tracking (Beacons)+(GPS).
  • Private SMS data messaging.
  • Group data messaging.
  • Status messaging.
  • Job ticketing.

Emergency Features

  • Emergency calls clear down low priority calls.
  • Lone Worker and Man Down automated features.
  • Automated personnel and asset location service.
  • Ambient call listening and remote PTT controls.
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Here’s just a few of our primary system features.

System Infrastructure

  • Flawless coverage that outperforms any cellular network.
  • Systems are tailored to your capacity and coverage needs.
  • Scalable from back to back radios to a nationwide network.
  • Digital channels use efficient narrowband frequencies.
  • Interoperability via IP connectivity.
  • Record all calls and data messages for accountability.
  • Network activity monitoring to improve KPI's.
  • Low power and highly efficient infrastructure.
  • Remote system monitoring.
  • Remote radio programming.
  • Future proof digital technology.

Command and Control

  • Comprehensive calling and data features.
  • Personnel & asset tracking control.
  • Job ticketing and asset manangment via custom apps.
  • Emergency situation features and control.
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We’ve too many features to include here, so we recommend that you contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Here are 7 examples of ways we can enhance your system, but in reality, the possibilities are limitless. You tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

  • Radio and Asset checking in and checking out control.
  • Bespoke automation control for gates, barriers & ventilation etc.
  • Custom job ticketing designed specifically for your operations.
  • Integration with fire and alarm systems for alerting and control.
  • Connectivity with video security systems to alert key personnel.
  • Machine control, monitoring and alerting using dedicated radio devices.
  • Unified connectivity with other technologies outside of the radio network.
Interoperability and connectivity to other communications networks regardless of frequency, network, or carrier
TETRA Two-way Radios Systems with complete flexibility using high-quality products supplied by Motorola Solutions

TETRA Mission Critical

Digital Mobile Radio

TETRA is a well-respected global standard for digital mobile radio. Its innovative technology ensures voice quality, fast emergency call set up, encryption and high-speed connectivity. TETRA is a pure digital two-way communications standard specified by the European Standards Institute (ETSI). This assures interoperability between devices. TETRA utilises Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology to achieve spectrum efficiency.

TETRA was first developed in the 90’s to meet the needs of the most demanding of sectors. TETRA technology is deployed in over 100 countries, supporting Police, Emergency Medical and Fire and Rescue Services as well as Utility Companies, Rail and Metro lines, Power Stations, Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants. Three decades on TETRA is still the protocol of choice for mission and safety critical applications.

As with all other Motorola Solutions products we supply, Motorola TETRA includes a wide range of value-added applications designed specifically to support the most demanding mission critical environments.

Digital Two-way Radios Systems with complete flexibility using high-quality products supplied by Motorola Solutions

Eliminate disruptions, increase employee accountability,
and achieve complete traceability.

CiCO, Check In and Check Out solution is the latest in the line of innovation developed by Servicom’s in-house team to help organisations work smarter, not harder. The CiCO system can be adapted for virtually any sector.

Save costs, and transform business models

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