Fully Managed Radio Systems

Our systems are completely scalable to support future growth.

We keep you moving forwards

Solutions that can handle

today’s fast-paced changes

We make sure that nothing stands in your way. Our fully managed radio systems allow you to take control of your budget, experience the latest technological advancements, and enjoy complete flexibility.

Our commitment to understand the needs of your business and your future plans enable us to exceed your expectations and provide you with peace of mind. It could be that you are about to embark on the construction phase of a project or planning a legacy system upgrade. You might be looking for an expert to engineer a communications solution for a hard-to-reach place or have to deliver critical cover for site outages. Our service is scalable and flexible.

Working with you we will identify the ideal solution allowing you to meet the technical and business needs of your communications network with built-in scalability.

Within Servicom’s Managed Services provision our clients benefit from expert system and feature consultation. For our established client, we create periodic performance reviews, not only for the core radio system itself, but also to highlight any potential issues that may arise with other supporting infrastructure.

We work to install regular software upgrades and patches, guaranteeing long-term software stability, up-to-date security features and improved system wide integration. To complement our infrastructure provision, we offer a wide range of devices to meet our client’s needs.

Fully Managed Business Critical Two-way Radio Systems Solutions
Digital Two-way Radios Systems with complete flexibility using high-quality products supplied by Motorola Solutions

Respecting your finances
& Planning for the future with TOTEX

Servicom offers Flexibility and Financial control with our Fully Managed Two-way Radio and Video Security Communication system solutions
Spending money to achieve outcomes

Experience greater

to pursue innovation

It’s time to reimagine your budget and shift away from CAPEX (capital spend) and OPEX (operational spend) orientated decision making. To align with our ever-evolving world, it makes good business sense to embrace TOTEX.

TOTEX is a whole-of-life total expenditure approach which combines both capital and operational expenditure and doesn’t focus on just the initial outlay costs.

Here at Servicom we are very much on your side and based on the TOTEX business model provide a shared responsibility approach supplying the skills and capability to deliver tailored communications systems flexibly and efficiently.

Hassle-free solutions

Putting you in control

The sectors we serve gain flexibility and financial control with our fully managed radio system solutions. We deliver what they need when they need it allowing them to remain focussed on what they do best.

Save costs, and transform business models

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