Two-way Radios for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Communication technology to enhance security and efficiencies in educational settings.

Two-way Radios for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Communication technology to enhance security and efficiencies in educational settings.

Solutions to maximise the learning experience

Personalised communications

solutions designed to motivate and inspire

Our bespoke communications solutions empower your professional workforce and students alike to reach their maximum potential. To do this, they need to be in an environment where they can fully focus on their teachings and studies without disruption. The technology we provide equips teachers, professors, caretakers, maintenance personnel, facility teams and security professionals with all the tools they need to perform their role to the best of their ability, and for everyone on site to feel safe and comfortable.

Key personnel across your site or sites will be able to work as one team no matter their location and benefit from the system’s location tracking service, panic button, man down tilting feature, alarms that override ongoing calls and beaconing technology.

Two-way Radio and Video Security for Education Campuses
Servicom integrated Ai video security with communications for any size of Education Campus
For ultimate peace of mind

Integrating AI into video security

to keep you safe

Our highly secure, unified communications solutions can be integrated into almost every area of your campus including your existing alarms and surveillance systems to elevate safety measures and to maximise your efficiencies.

The voice and data communication systems we develop focus on your safety and security. They enable you to remain in complete control at all times as our innovative technology has the power to identify all incidents such as a person of interest, an intruder or smoke and fire, with automatic alerts to key personnel instantly. With huge numbers of employees, students, and visitors on site most days it’s of paramount importance that immediate action is taken to prevent issues escalating into emergencies.

Integrating artificial intelligence into video security and combining this with the unrivalled functionalities of our digital communications technology takes your surveillance to the highest level.

The integrity of your security and surveillance system influences a person’s perception of your campus and we are committed to support you to achieve your aim of providing the best service by never compromising the experience of your employees, students, and visitors.

Unrivalled devices proven to deliver outstanding on-site protection

Keeping everyone on site safe is of the utmost importance which is why we insist on only providing you with the highest quality, feature rich devices with sophisticated built-in safety functionalities.

Products from Motorola Solutions, Zetron, TRBOnet, Avigilon and Hytera for any size of educational campus
Unified Digital Two-way Radio Communications, includes Video Security and Integration with Fire Alarm & Security Systems

Comfortable environments

to enhance learning

While the primary role of your maintenance and facility teams is to keep the buildings and their grounds in good repair, they are also crucial to the safety of the site. It’s not uncommon for members of these teams to notice discarded packages, unusual items in lockers, and unknown persons loitering close to the educational setting.

Armed with our robust and reliable two-way radios every individual can keep all team members up to date with routine operations as well as alerting others to potential threats.

Experience the ultimate connection enabling your two-way radios, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, landline as well as your video security with artificial intelligence to work together across your physical and virtual network.

Meaningful features

that add real value

We make it easy for you to achieve the ultimate unified communications solution, stay connected, and empower your personnel to continually improve efficiencies.

Supply of products by Motorola Solutions, TRBOnet, Avigilon and Hytera for Schools and University sites

Here’s a short list of our key user features.
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  • Communicate with all remote personnel instantly no matter their network or carrier.
  • Enhance and simplify all your control centre’s operations to maximise efficiencies.
  • Integration with video security systems to alert key personnel.
  • Record events and voice calls to optimise emergency response times.
  • Organise and carry out routine tasks swiftly and with ease.
  • Improve the safety of your workforce as well as the public.
  • Turn your teams’ smartphones into Push-to-Talk devices.
  • Utilise a bespoke two-way radio network enabling you to experience flawless coverage that outperforms any cellular network. The network can be tailored to your capacity and coverage needs too.

Voice and Data Features

  • Super fast call setup with digital voice quality.
  • One to one (private calling).
  • One to many (group calls).
  • All calls are encrypted for privacy.
  • Background noise reduction to ensure clearer voice calls.
  • Radio location tracking (Beacons)+(GPS).
  • Private SMS data messaging.
  • Group data messaging.
  • Status messaging.
  • Job ticketing.

Emergency Features

  • Emergency calls clear down low priority calls.
  • Lone Worker and Man Down automated features.
  • Automated personnel and asset location service.
  • Ambient call listening and remote PTT controls.

Here’s just a few of our primary system features.
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  • Scalable and flexible system.
  • Integration with data management systems.
  • Flawless, real time voice communications.
  • Encrypted communications for added security.
  • Feature rich voice and data for multiple user groups.
  • Enhances video security with artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Encrypted private calls and data messages.
  • Personnel and asset tracking.
  • Remote monitoring of network.
  • Remote radio programming.
  • Ability to deploy GPS tracking and lone workers.
  • Integration of the fire system to alert personnel.
  • Activation of essential processes, e.g. ventilation system shutoff in the event of fire.

Command and Control

  • Comprehensive calling and data features.
  • Personnel & asset tracking control.
  • Job ticketing and asset manangment via custom apps.
  • Emergency situation features and control.
  • Public Address & General Alarm integration.

We’ve too many features to include here, so we recommend that you contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Here are 7 examples of ways we can enhance your system, but in reality, the possibilities are limitless. You tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

  • Radio and Asset checking in and checking out control.
  • Bespoke automation control for gates, barriers & ventilation etc.
  • Custom job ticketing designed specifically for your operations.
  • Integration with fire and alarm systems for alerting and control.
  • Connectivity with video security systems to alert key personnel.
  • Machine control, monitoring and alerting using dedicated radio devices.
  • Unified connectivity with other technologies outside of the two-way radio network.

  • Global connectivity.
  • Provide the highest quality customer service.
  • Enhanced health and safety for lone workers.
  • Contingency plans in place to keep sites operational.
  • Increased functionality with elements such as multiple user groups and encrypted private calling.
  • GPS and indoor beacon, radio / personnel location services.
  • Excellent range of robust radios to ensure your requirements are met with a cost-effective and future-proof solution.
  • Traffic monitoring enables more efficient working practices within groups.
  • Built-in redundancy, remote monitoring and syncing.
  • Excellent return on your investment.

Eliminate disruptions, increase employee accountability,
and achieve complete traceability.

CiCO, Check In and Check Out solution is the latest in the line of innovation developed by Servicom’s in-house team to help organisations work smarter, not harder. The CiCO system can be adapted for virtually any sector.

Save costs, and transform business models

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