Distributed Antenna Systems

Meeting today’s demands for reliable two-way radio coverage anywhere.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Meeting today’s demands for reliable two-way radio coverage anywhere.

Flawless coverage

no matter the users' location

Ensuring the reliability of your employee’s two-way radio will increase both their efficiency and their safety. From an office stairwell to an underground tunnel, our innovative underground and in-building coverage technology has the power to keep everyone connected.

Our two-way radios are robust enough to work in the harshest of environments. And when they are boosted with a Distributed Antenna System will increase their signal range, they become the ultimate communication solution.

In certain situations, you may need additional signal power. For example, if your employees work in underground mining, tunnels, industrial infrastructure or guard an underground space, the thick building materials (usually concrete or steel walls) can act as a barrier and block the signal. This will almost definitely delay communications and in some instances, prevent the user from transmitting and receiving information completely.

The additional technology we provide to ensure reliable connectivity in such environments consists of repeaters to boost the signal range using DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems). This provides a solution when poor connectivity is a problem. It can be deployed in underground area, manufacturing buildings, tower block and in any size of mining operations or tunnelling project.

Two-way radio coverage underground and in hard to reach places
Ensuring the reliability of your employee’s two-way radio will increase both their efficiency and their safety

Customised underground

& in-building coverage
removes physical barriers

Servicom applies their extensive digital communication experience to design in-door coverage systems to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Creating and implementing custom in-door coverage systems will ensure optimal installation to deliver superior performance. Depending on the location we will ensure that all personnel in need of mission critical communications are equipped with the technology to keep them connected to their teams and their control room.

As leaders in our field, we will provide the optimum radio coverage solution. This includes the design, engineering, installation, and all project related management tasks. In addition, we can monitor the system’s performance to keep your organisation moving forward and your employees safe.


to enhance your workforce’s safety & performance.

Our DAS technology amplifies the digital two-way radio network signal inside buildings and in underground spaces through the strategic placement of antennas – typically indoors or underground. This boosts the signal to improve the performance of the communication device allowing the radio user to send and receive voice and data communications.

Signal source: The Distributed Antenna System gets its signals tap directly from the two-way radio system.

Distribution system: The signal is then distributed throughout the building or underground space by one of four methods. Active, passive, digital and hybrid. Here at Servicom, we mainly focus on deploying active and passive as they provide the best infrastructure-intensive solutions.

Active: Uses fibre optic or ethernet cables. Active DAS converts the radio frequencies from the two-way radio systems (signal source) into a signal for distribution and then via remote hubs re-transmits and receives the core radio system communications.

Passive: Uses coaxial cable, splitters, tapers, and couplers. Passive DAS distributes the signal within a building.

Hybrid: Uses fibre optic cables and coaxial cables. The radio frequency signal from the signal source is converted into a digital signal for distribution.

Digital: This operates according to the Common Public Radio Interface allowing a band unit to communicate with the DAS master unit and through to the remote units without the need to convert to a radio frequency. More commonly used for cellular applications.

Here’s just a few of our primary system features.
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  • Seamless coverage – outdoors extending indoors & underground.
  • More refined coverage based on accurate surveys.
  • Mitigates all coverage black spots.
  • Same coverage while using less RF power.
  • Radio emergency functions remain active.
  • Man down and lone-workers remain protected.
  • Voice and data communications.
  • Asset tracking using beacons.
  • High speed and reliable.

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