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Marine Band Communications with connectivity to other networks
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We fully understand the challenges faced by your sector. We make it our mission to keep up to date with your SOLAS Convention, GMDSS regulatory and ATEX requirements. In addition, we only provide the most rugged equipment which has the strength to remain fully reliable in the harshest of conditions, that includes ATEX certified CCTV cameras and PAGA systems.

Communications between ship to ship, ship to shore, ship to aircraft and SAT phones to remote locations is essential for maximising your operations and safety. For this reason, we only install and supply world-class reliable tried and tested technology.

Our engineers are experienced at designing solutions with a focus on the safety of your workforce. The feature-rich system will match the requirements needed for any type of offshore operation.

For shipping, and depending on your location and the cargo that your vessel is carrying, there is a real risk of piracy. Our unified communications can be seamlessly integrated with cutting edge security surveillance to add an extra layer of safety to your operation.

Unified connectivity to other communications networks regardless of frequency, network, or carrier.
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the optimum unified

communications solution

It is our aim to provide you with an unrivalled unified communications solutions no matter your requirements. We are experienced to take on the most challenging of marine band projects and to deliver the optimum solution to meet your demanding goals.

Our solutions bring together all devices regardless of frequency, network or carrier to eliminate the need for you to buy or manage several technologies. It's the ultimate connection enabling your two-way radios, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, landline and satellite Phones as well as your video security with artificial intelligence to work together across your physical and virtual network.

Embracing the latest

technologies to go beyond expectations

We make it easy for you to achieve the ultimate unified communications solution. Stay connected regardless of frequency, network or carrier and empower your personnel to continually improve efficiencies. Keeping everyone safe is of the utmost importance which is why we insist on only providing you with the highest quality, feature rich devices.

Our solutions bring together all devices regardless of network or carrier to eliminate the need for you to buy or manage several technologies. Explore some of the innovative features that Servicom have to offer.

Voice and Data Features

  • Global connectivity.
  • Super fast call setup with digital voice quality.
  • One to one (private calling).
  • One to many (group calls).
  • All calls are encrypted for privacy.
  • Background noise reduction to ensure clearer voice calls.
  • Radio location tracking (Beacons)+(GPS).
  • Private SMS data messaging.
  • Group data messaging.
  • Status messaging.
  • Job ticketing.

Emergency & Safety Features

  • Emergency calls clear down low priority calls.
  • Lone Worker and Man Down automated features.
  • Automated personnel and asset location service.
  • Ambient call listening and remote PTT controls.
  • (PAGA) Public Address & General Alarm Systems.
  • Enhanced health and safety for lone workers.

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Here’s just a few of our primary system features.
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System Infrastructure

  • Systems are tailored to your capacity and coverage needs.
  • Scalable from back to back radios to a nationwide network.
  • Interoperability via IP connectivity.
  • Record all calls and data messages for accountability.
  • Network activity monitoring to improve KPI's.
  • Low power and highly efficient infrastructure.
  • Remote system monitoring.
  • Remote radio programming.
  • Future proof digital technology.
  • Contingency plans in place to keep sites operational.
  • Traffic monitoring enables more efficient working practices within groups.
  • Built-in redundancy, remote monitoring and syncing.
  • Excellent return on your investment.

Command and Control

  • Comprehensive calling and data features.
  • Personnel & asset tracking control.
  • Job ticketing and asset manangment via custom apps.
  • Emergency situation features and control.
  • (PAGA) Public Address & General Alarm integration.

We’ve too many features to include here, so we recommend that you Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Here are 7 examples of ways we can enhance your system, but in reality, the possibilities are limitless. You tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

  • Radio and Asset checking in and checking out control.
  • Bespoke automation control for gates, barriers & ventilation etc.
  • Custom job ticketing designed specifically for your operations.
  • Integration with fire and alarm systems for alerting and control.
  • Connectivity with video security systems to alert key personnel.
  • Machine control, monitoring and alerting using dedicated radio devices.
  • Unified connectivity with other technologies outside of the radio network regardless of network or carrier.

We’ve too many features to include here, so we recommend that you Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Here are several examples of ways we can enhance your operation with ATEX and IECEX compliant solutions.

  • Two-way radios certified for use in ATEX/IECEx hazardous gas and dust environments.
  • PAGA systems including safe area speakers, horns, flashing beacons & Intercom Systems.
  • CCTV cameras developed for use in hazardous areas for all offshore, onshore and marine environments. Constructed entirely from AISI 316L stainless steel for low maintenance and protection from corrosion.
Marine Band Two-way Radio from JOTRON, Sailor, ZIZTEL and ICOM with interoperability to MOTOTRBO, DMR, and Broadband Push-to-Talk

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