Unified communications complete the connections between all your devices. Two-way radio, mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and landline telephony now working together across your physical and virtual network.

One wide-area communications system for your whole team irrespective of their connection device with sub-second call performance and crisp voice quality. From everyday conversation through to emergency calls, these systems offer unparalleled functionality, applications, coverage, and reliability for - every business sector.

Front-line users can have just one single user-interface that they are already familiar with. Employees who do not carry radios will still gain value from connecting to other members of your team that might be away from the office or dispatch operators using PC’s. Servicom bridges the gap for these users, connecting the devices they already use, ensuring that operations are on time and efficient.

As well as the unification of different communication devices we can also integrate artificial intelligence into video security systems, extending unification to the maximum. This integration enables these powerful systems to use their ability to make informed decisions and react to situations alerting teams of activity via their mobile devices using messaging. Using powerful artificial intelligence means faster reaction times and greater accuracy; events are dealt with efficiently and without the need for operatives to watch monitor screens.

Servicom’s solutions allow for temporary group communications for contractors so they can join existing communication channels using their smartphone devices. At the end of the project these accounts can be quickly deactivated with no need to organise the return of radios and accessories. Read more about our Push-to-Talk provision (here)

Servicom work with world leading manufacturers offering the best fit of technology and devices to their whole customer base. As well as working with newly built systems, Servicom have the experience and know-how to expand existing PMR systems to accommodate these unified features and are able to integrate artificial intelligence into new and existing video security systems, designed to streamline operations and optimise efficiencies.

Benefits include:

  • End users access the service through familiar devices
  • Near universal coverage; an anytime, anyplace service
  • Saves workforce’s time searching for coverage through a variety of devices
  • Push to Talk functionality
  • Tracking and positional capability improving KPI’s and employers’ H+S obligations.
  • Artificial intelligence can streamline operations