The system allows total grid visibility, accurate telemetry, allowing for proactive maintenance as well as improved response times. Backhaul delivery of monitoring and telemetry information as well as issue reporting all work together to aid response times. Energy losses and other KPIs can be analysed allowing SLAs to be supported and as such the continuity of services provided.

Distribution automation in remote areas is usually cost prohibitive due to the exponential costs of rolling out hard wired solutions, such as fibre optics, in rural and inaccessible areas. Mobile coverage is often absent or poor in such areas and in any event lacks stability. Tait’s SCADA solution GridLink resolves this using the trunked voice and data DMR network. Previously invisible areas become visible to control centre staff. This means it offers excellent and extensive coverage at a very low cost, easy to deploy and it is built with resiliency at its core.

The system will automatically prioritise between voice and SCADA data additionally. Within all the utilities industries; water, power, oil and gas supply or other similar sectors this technology offers the opportunity to guard and maintain resources at every level.


  • One network for mission critical voice and machine-to-machine data
  • Quantifiable improvements to workforce efficiency
  • Improved load management ensures that asset life cycles are maximised
  • Grid control allowing management of load, Volt/VAR and integration of renewables.
  • Operates under IEC and DNP3 standards; ensuring compatibility and quality standards now and in the long term