Satellite communications enable voice and data communications around the world. Effectively users can set up a "mobile broadband office" and achieve voice communications across locations worldwide. Servicom offer users a choice of satellite solutions, terminals and handsets from the major network providers, enabling us to present a package designed around their operating needs and financial requirements.

Along with commercial users, Satellite Communications is of particular importance to the media, humanitarian aid and charity workers, those operating in the marine environment, the military and security services. Increasingly governmental and commercial emergency and disaster planning groups incorporate satellite into their communication solutions and business continuity plans.

Depending on the architecture of a particular system, network coverage may include the entire earth, or only specific regions. Servicom can advise clients on the network best suited for their geographical requirements.

In a remote environment, harsh through heat or ice, satellite communications can provide essential links with external information and support, as well as voice and data services within the immediate vicinity. For example a Wi-Fi hotspot could be provided along an ice shelf where exploration is required. As well as voice systems this can provide data backhaul providing essential links to deployed equipment for monitoring. Direct access can be maintained to a Command and Control centre thousands of miles away using sat links. Such systems:

  • Are available with high data rate throughput
  • Have airtime options
  • Varying data rates subject to requirement