LTE supports applications which need high volume data transmission that cannot be supported by narrowband technologies like TETRA or DMR. LTE is continually evolving to give unprecedented data rates, higher capacity, added functionality and new levels of user experience. It is very much an evolving technology.

With our background in serving a broad range of sectors we’re very excited to see LTE developing to meet the needs of the end user. At every opportunity we’re expanding our expertise and product range within this; giving us the opportunity to offer next generation communication solutions by bringing together emerging and current technologies to meet client needs.

Technology standards are vital; working to guarantee the compatibility of networks, applications and devices. LTE/3GPP global standards are overseen by ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the technology has been selected for the future of the UK’s public safety mobile broadband which will include unified PTT (Push-to-talk).

LTE PTT solutions have familiar two way radio features; group scan, priority override, late join and other first responder group management call features. LTE PTT also operates with integrated call controller services to provide a unified PTT experience, allowing legacy systems and LTE users to easily collaborate. Functionality includes:

  • Instant connection to records, databases and back office systems while on foot
  • Roaming and interoperation beyond your home network on other carrier networks
  • Robust hardware designed to survive harsh weather and the beating of everyday use
  • Video applications designed for real-time wireless streaming that work around the constant changing signal quality inherent with wireless broadband. Video parameters; e.g. resolution and frame rate automatically adjust to best fit the capabilities of the broadband and the device screen
  • Unified services across multiple communications networks
  • Provision of asset tracking and messaging

We provide:

  • Supply provision of fully managed LTE Broadband solutions, including infrastructure and terminals, as well as outright purchase solutions
  • Solutions for unified communications providing interoperability with other technologies
  • Design, consultation and installation
  • We can provide support at any level. From basic business hours only to unsurpassed levels of support meeting the most demanding of SLAs