TETRA uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) with four digital user channels on one radio carrier of 25 kHz bandwidth. TETRA provides for authentication of terminals towards infrastructure and vice versa. For protection against eavesdropping, air interface encryption and end-to-end encryption.

It is also possible for the terminal to act as a one-to-one (back to back DMO mode) “walkie-talkie” only with reduced call range as it is operating outside of a network connection. TETRA terminals can operate in a full-duplex direct connection to other TETRA users or such services as telephone networks (PTSN/PBX). Emergency buttons, provided on the terminals, enable the users to transmit emergency signals, to the dispatcher, overriding any other activity taking place at the same time.

  • Wide range of manufacturers and products including ATEX
  • Well established dispatcher and user application including gateways
  • Scalable solutions from a single carrier to a country wide networks.
  • Voice and data encryption
  • ICCS Integrated Command and Control Systems connectivity

Servicom provides:

  • Supply provision of fully managed TETRA radio systems as well as outright purchase solutions
  • Integration with other technologies including data gateways and dispatchers
  • Design, consultation and installation
  • We can provide support at any level. From basic business hours only to unsurpassed levels of support meeting the most demanding of SLAs.