From front of house through to storage and warehousing. At any scale security systems and shop watch schemes can be integrated with telephone systems. CCTV and associated artificial intelligence, fire and panic alarms can be connected through your communications network providing accurate information enabling quicker response times.

Servicom were involved with the first recognised Shopwatch scheme; Retail Radio Link. We remain involved in many current ShopWatch and PubWatch schemes across the country. These shared intelligence schemes prevent or discourage crime and antisocial behaviour by co-ordinated effort.

We can assist with training too – making sure that you and all your staff get the most from all the functionality of the system supplied. Communications networks work to protect both staff and visitors alike, improving safety and response times.

We provide:

  • We can provide support at any level. From basic business hours only to unsurpassed levels of support meeting the most demanding of SLAs
  • Systems that support day and night time tariffs providing functionality suited to shops during the day and for pubs and clubs during the evening
  • Supply provision of fully managed systems as well as outright purchase solutions
  • Multiple technology choice available to best suit your communications requirements
  • Single site to multiple site wide area systems
  • Migration support from legacy systems (such as PMR 446 and MPT1327)
  • Integration with other technologies including data gateways and dispatchers
  • Design, consultation and installation