Our specialist designers and engineers can work with you on any communications project needed to take your service forward. We’re experts at maintaining service continuity during the process of all upgrades and can work new technology into existing systems.

Our engineers and technicians are all manufacturer trained with the knowledge and support they need to solve problems fast.

Many clients come to us for different services at different times; sometimes for our highly regarded managed service, then on occasion for outright purchase schemes or even to meet short term requirements by hiring equipment on occasion.

We offer:

  • Fire authority
  • Localisation ATEX
  • Fire Ground communications
  • Harsh environment
  • Clothing restraints and devices to suit
  • Safe working environment
  • Assessments for rescue
  • Site security using fully integrated, AI enhanced CCTV
  • Commercial and fire authority – joining the systems and support
  • Business protection and business continuity – linking comms coverage between the community