Integrated systems can be established to provide benefits under a wide variety of circumstances. For example in the event of a fire then integrating communications systems with fire systems can offer the possibility of using voice and data services to support fire marshals, offering accurate and accessible information.

On a day to day, routine level, these devices give staff the opportunity to uplift the customer experience for visitors to the venue. Additionally these systems will support business continuity planning as well as emergency and incident response.

Short term hire may be of use in maintaining communications, extending capabilities during larger, one off events; in addition to the services offered under our Managed Services.

We can work on long term and short term events with particular expertise in setup and control.

Mixed technology radios supplied by us to provide for asset tracking using GPS location drawing on outdoor and internal beacons where clear sky GPS is not available.

We provide:

  • Fully managed systems as well as outright purchase solutions
  • Multiple technology choice available to best suit your communications requirements
  • Migration support from legacy systems such as PMR 446, MPT 1327 and DECT Phones
  • We can provide support at any level. From basic business hours only to unsurpassed levels of support meeting the most demanding of SLAs
  • Integration with other technologies including data gateways and dispatchers
  • Design, consultation and installation
  • Integration with ICCS enabling better event organisation
  • Custom integration with Fire Alarm systems
  • Unified voice solutions providing for communications across multiple carriers