Building for the future

We’re here to make sure you know where you are in every sense; to build the kind of communications systems that allows you to get on with your business of getting things moving. Transport and Logistics as a sector stands at the heart of the economy. Servicom take the time to identify how your radio communications can best work to support your business; both its current structure and its future direction.

From the Road to the Warehouse

Our broad experience enables us to analyse existing systems and work out how best to take them forward; maximising current functionality and stripping away unnecessary complexity. Alternatively we can plan completely new systems from the ground up; from vehicle tracking to warehouse operations and stock monitoring.

Customer Service and Support

Servicom can provide many levels of support to businesses; from wrap-around, mission critical support to teams on the road right through to responsive remote teams on call. We will work with clients to assess their needs and agree what turnaround and service levels are needed.

How do we do it? Interested in the full scope of our services?

With different constraints and varied needs we meet the requirements of many different clients. Our team have prepared detailed case studies and capability sheets available upon enquiry. Get in touch and we can supply you with case studies specific to your industry?