The Retail Environment

For the staff working within the public area of the retail environment radio communications are a route to efficiency; offering better customer service; communicating with stores, head office and more. Behind the scenes we work with facilities management and security. Servicom have worked with a large number of individual retailers. Often on site there will be covert and overt channels to work with VIPs.

Shop Security

Servicom works on many schemes that link radios, sometimes via a control centre, to assist with retail security. This results in lower theft rates and all round better security. We work with towns and retailers alike offering training from a very basic level upwards; care and operation of the radio units; how to make sure that sensitive information does not get into the public domain.

A wide range of services

Our radio systems will support security; including covert security and VIP guest services. Multiple channels will, in normal operation, operate in parallel but can be brought together and managed by the control room in the event of need. Blue tooth technology can be used to map staff movements and answer any queries about time management. Additionally Servicom will work with you to identify your service needs and these can be contractually formulated to meet diverse needs.

How do we do it? Interested in the full scope of our services?

With different constraints and varied needs we meet the requirements of many different clients. Our team have prepared detailed case studies and capability sheets available upon enquiry. Get in touch and we can supply you with case studies specific to your industry?