Facilities Management

One of the main challenges for healthcare providers is offering support to both patients and staff around the clock whilst being conscious of keeping costs to a minimum. We can support this need by offering the facility to integrate distance working with incident and call management; making sure that an enquiry for maintenance or support reaches the correct team member in a timely manner, even out of hours when that person is off site where necessary. This keep costs to a minimum in a direct way but also means that less time is lost in responding to call.

Multiple Sites

We can work with hospitals and health care trusts to map their existing provision and plan the best way forward where hospital sites are to merge under the management of a single trust. Servicom appreciate the need for layers of redundancy as a failsafe and can work to extend existing systems to operate across split sites.

Services to Healthcare Professionals

We work with the healthcare sector to provide support to facilities management, portering, paging for staff, backup and failsafe systems as well as support for fundamental services like portering.

How do we do it? Interested in the full scope of our services?

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