Businesses in this sector are a mix of retail, events and more. Communications systems in this sector will draw together many channels as well as a range of added value functionality for both alarms and business processes.

Working together

Many of our arena and events clients have a year round arrangement with us helping us to work with them in all the scenarios that they face. Arrangements and requirements for handsets and other hardware can change quickly and it’s part of our service to be able to meet that need.

Retail support provided by Servicom to these business will include links between warehousing and storage, front of house communication with management and control rooms, general retail security and staff support. The overall system may include alarms and security processes as well. The commercial considerations of preventing unnecessary evacuations or closures will always need to be balanced with the duty of care owed by visitors to the site.

Complex and Intense

The reality for many arenas and event clients are high intensity peaks of activity. This means that many new users will need to be trained on the communications system at regular intervals, new units will be brought onto site. Many systems will use multiple channels, managed by a command room that only brings them together where necessary. Additionally radio systems and business management systems integrated within the system give operators the opportunity to manage complex sequences of events as more efficiently than would be possible by any other means.

How do we do it? Interested in the full scope of our services?

With different constraints and varied needs we meet the requirements of many different clients. Our team have prepared detailed case studies and capability sheets available upon enquiry. Get in touch and we can supply you with case studies specific to your industry?