When downtime isn’t an option, Servicom’s monitoring package provides protection to guarantee your system is always available. We give you clear visibility into what your system is doing, easing the ability to diagnose system given a fault or incident. Such monitoring can be onsite, offsite or a combination of both. Identifying any system weaknesses or challenges can assist in assessing the effect of any network changes, ensuring minimum downtime.

Servicom’s alarm and monitoring diagnostic tools provide alerts, respond to, and control critical situations. Systems can be built to make the maximum use of report statistics. Announcements and alarms are broadcast, specialised personnel are dispatched, circuits and actuators are activated . First-responders are notified, and critical teams are instantly conferenced. Even lone or remote teammates receive a communications lifeline.

  • Performance Monitoring checks the health of services and applications, 24/7
  • System-Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) / Telemetry / Onsite remote
  • Threshold monitoring for early identification of capacity problems
  • Health Reporting on performance issues and recommended responses
  • Accurate Configuration Management data that’s critical for safely implementing change
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC) capabilities and plugins